COVID-19 Response:

Get involved now with transformation through disaster cooperativism

Co-operate WNC is working closely all day, every day with dozens of other people and organizations to coordinate a response where each group does the things it’s best at and we all help each other to make it through this unfolding situation with minimal harm and transform our culture while we’re at it.

Co-operate WNC is a non-profit organization harnessing co-operative economics & ecological design to support a network of physical community centers in WNC that act as hubs for human services, community-making, and regional-scale climate resilience. 

Carbon Harvest


Bringing farmers, eaters and socially responsible organizations together around climate resilience and regeneratively farmed food.

Covid-19 Response

Get involved with community transformation through disaster cooperativism. 

Co-operate WNC is working alongside over a dozen organizations and individuals...


Savings Pool Project

Catalyzing community control of resources including businesses, housing, land and farms, energy infrastructure and grassroots healthcare enterprises.

Co-operate WNC is a Western North Carolina mutual aid initiative. We believe in a collaborative, long-game approach to facing our most wicked ecological and social challenges. Our programs are helping to catalyse a holistic approach to the necessary transformation of our region's economic and ecological systems.


We invite you to join us in our efforts to build resilient communities through some of the most ancient ecological strategies - deep collaboration & cooperation. In doing so we are creating regenerative systems necessary for our collective thriving. 

Join us in this journey of deep collaboration, integrative system development, community organizing, and creating a truly regenerative future together. 

Thank you so much for your support.

Co-Operate WNC

Regional Mutual Aid for a Regenerative Future

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Co-operate WNC.  Non-profit est 2018.