Carbon Harvest Program:

For Farmers

As a farmer or land steward, you know firsthand the challenges of farming, as well as the new challenges of more extreme weather events.


By adopting regenerative farming practices, you are increasing your farm’s [resistance to risk] and its long-term profitability, while having a positive impact on global-scale problems such as topsoil loss and climate instability.


Imagine you could get funded to transform the less productive parts of your farm into carbon-sequestering and productive agroforestry plantings. Carbon Harvest links you with value-driven sponsors who will help fund 3 years’ worth of establishment costs to convert degraded pastures and other marginal land into multipurpose agroforestry plantings that you can benefit from in perpetuity. In addition to linking you with funding, we provide the design support and technical assistance to help you develop a carbon farm plan and implement it.

Some of the practices we facilitate include:

  • No-Till

  • Cover cropping

  • Riparian buffer zones

  • Agroforestry

  • Silvopasture

  • Rotational grazing