Community Savings Pool Project

The Mission:


Our Community Savings Pool (CSP) project catalyzes community control of resources including businesses, housing, land and farms, energy infrastructure and grassroots healthcare enterprises. We recognize that marginalized communities worldwide have been using co-operative economic strategies such as savings pools for generations. We are currently adapting a savings pool model for use in the US that’s based on the work of Living Economies in New Zealand who have been supporting multiple pools for the last several years.

What is a Community Savings Pool?


A Community Savings Pool is a small-scale, accessible mutual aid tool for cooperative saving and lending that puts financial decision-making and power in the hands of the people who need it most.


Each pool is made up of 10-25 people or families who pool their savings and collectively loan money to each other for personal needs and goals, community projects, business start-ups and expansions, etc.


Pool members experience the power of giving and receiving support in a tangible real-life way that impacts their personal/family well-being while contributing to community resilience in WNC.

Co-Operate WNC

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