Covid-19 Community Response

updated March 25, 2020

Co-operate WNC is working closely all day, every day with dozens of other people and organizations to coordinate a response where each group does the things it’s best at and we all help each other to make it through this unfolding situation with minimal harm and transform our culture while we’re at it.

Self-Organize Your Neighborhood

Connect with your immediate neighbors to form crews and pods.

Co-operative Projects

Have an idea for a project or are you interested in helping lead a regional mutual aid effort? Contact Us.

Register With Us

Let us know who you are, where you are, and what skills or resources you possess, so we can keep you informed about opportunities to help in your community. Sign-up here.

Local Organizations

We provide a directory of local organizations categorized by the types of services they provide.


Visualize locations of resources and individuals offering help or requesting assistance.

Request Assistance

If you have a need, we would like to find a way to help. We will publish requests and seek to resolve them. Form coming soon.

Stay Informed

Federal, State and County Resources


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