COVID-19 Response:

Get involved now with transformation through disaster cooperativism

Co-operate WNC is working closely all day, every day with dozens of other people and organizations to coordinate a response where each group does the things it’s best at and we all help each other to make it through this unfolding situation with minimal harm and transform our culture while we’re at it.



Donate to our community fund.

Request assistance with a project.

We are providing microgrants of $100 - $500 to grassroots relief efforts and mutual aid projects addressing community needs in response to COVID-19 in Western NC.

Have Money to Contribute?
 Your donation to CWNC’s micro-grant program will be allocated quickly to small grassroots and mutual aid organizations focused on essential needs (food, healthcare, etc) in WNC responding to COVID-19.


Request Funding
Our focus is serving highly impacted communities, and ongoing rather than new efforts, even if you have only been working since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. We encourage applications that address immediate COVID-19 response needs while also building lasting community relationships and power.
We are distributing micro-grants in the range of $200-800.

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