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Become a Founding Member by donating - One critical way you can get involved is by giving dollars via our Patreon campaign. A contribution allows you to enroll as a Founding Member, so you’ll get to influence the direction this organization takes by receiving the newsletter, participating in the dialogue online, coming to classes and events, and voting at annual membership meetings. We deeply appreciate this support, which will help pay for more staff time, office equipment, intra-regional travel, consultant and legal fees, podcast production, and organizing the 2019 Mutual Aid Summit.

Mutual Aid classes and events - We are organizing various classes and events designed to spread applied knowledge and begin creating tangible benefit. Sign up for our newsletter below to stay in the loop.

Start a community hub - The WNC Mutual Aid Network vision is grounded in a regional network of mutual aid hubs: physical community centers, mostly rural, which serve as multi-functional service and gathering places.  If you are already have and/or are planning a community gathering space of some kind, you might be in a good position to start a hub. 

Receive our newsletter - We’ll send out a newsletter approximately once/month keeping you up to date on the organizational development and opportunities to get involved. Sign up below.

Listen to The Mutual Aid Podcast - The first episode of the Mutual Aid Podcast was published in October 2018! Our intention, given the funding, is to publish one episode per month. Please listen, subscribe, and contact us with feedback and thoughts.

Volunteer - We have identified over 10 different types of volunteer help we need to get things cooking. Please check back soon for a complete list of volunteer positions. Also, sign up to our newsletter below to get our updates.

Follow us on facebook - We are using facebook as a blog and article library, as well as to share events and involvement opportunities.  To find a diverse array of articles, postings and other media that address different dimensions of mutual aid, follow our page: WNC Mutual Aid Society.

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Read more background - This project is grounded in a vast history of mutual aid organizing. 

Contact us - if you have any other thoughts, feedback or support you’d like to share.

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