Meet the Pools

Earthaven Valley Business Savings Pool

The Earthaven Valley Business Savings Pool is made up of 14 members (some pictured right) who are pooling their savings to support sustainable economic growth at Earthaven Ecovillage and it's surrounding valley outside Black Mountain, NC. Started in 2019 and formed in May, 2020, the group is meeting monthly and is getting ready to approve their first loan.

In addition to the basic saving and lending purposes, the pool is organized with the following goals:

Earthaven Savings Pool
  • We uplift the health and vitality of the Earthaven Valley economy by supporting right livelihood through appropriate, regenerative businesses

  • We share, maximize, and put to use the financial resources in the valley

  • We build trusting and transparent relationships around business and finance, including accountability with personal finance management and achieving savings goals

  • We learn about cooperative economics and practice interdependence so we can be a working model for a wider network

  • We engage in peer mentoring and support each other with business development, decisions, and troubleshooting

Black Men Uknighted Savings Pool

Black Men Uknighted is built from a team of passionate men looking to change the Asheville community. The Savings Pool started in September of 2020 and is made up of 10 members who are pooling their savings to provide support that focuses on economic development and wealth creation by supporting existing and start-up Black-owned businesses - connecting them to the financial resources they need to succeed. Our focus is on dramatically enhancing the underlying health of Black-owned small businesses which would ultimately improve the odds for growth, and strengthen financial resilience. 


BMU's mission is to lower financial barriers to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and community development, starting with the underserved communities of color.  We strive to be a voice and strategic partner that builds generational wealth and leads change to empower the Black business community.

As of Novevmber 2020, third pool is in process!

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