Your Participation, Financial Support and Future Membership Benefits

Donate and become a Founding Supporter of Co-operate WNC.

Note: if you want to support this effort but cannot afford to contribute dollars, we are considering alternative forms of contribution such as volunteer time and alternative currencies, please contact us to discuss.


We are currently soliciting Founding Supporters for this organization.

In January --> June 2019, we are working to develop the system of membership benefits, requirements and contributions. Once that system is up and running, we will begin accepting formal members and providing membership benefits in the mode of a mutual aid organization.

In the descriptions below, we've given a rough idea of what the development of membership benefits might look like over time.


In the meantime, we ask for your good-faith contributions and involvement as an informal Founding Supporter. Thank you.


1) Founding Supporter - (January --> Jun 2019)

As a founding supporter, you are choosing to get involved at the beginning, where you can have a powerful voice in determining the shape of the organization and how we prioritize our goals and activities in the first 3 years. You’ll receive a regular newsletter with progress reports, you’ll be included in questionnaires, conference calls and online discussion groups organized around our active projects, you’ll be invited to special classes and events including the WNC Mutual Aid Summit in late August 2019, and you’ll be offered the opportunity to develop relationships and expertise in this movement so you can participate in forming a physical mutual aid hub in your vicinity



2) Membership with early adoption benefits - (Late 2019 -2021)

As we get the organization going, members will begin to receive direct benefits: you’ll be connected with others geographically close to you for savings pool formation and other types of co-operative resource sharing. You’ll be eligible for financial and organizational support for founding mutual aid hubs. You’ll be able to move your money to our designated credit union accounts. You’ll be able to use our online dashboard platform for co-op everything. You’ll be able to start accessing co-op healthcare services and contacts.


3) Membership with mature benefits - (2021 onwards)


As participation arrives at necessary thresholds, we have the economy of scale for the full expression of Mutual Aid potential, which you as a member now have access to. Our credit union begins delivering low-interest loans to invest in critical scalable endeavors throughout our region, from a full-featured healthcare co-operative that supports rural healthcare centers, to innovative carbon farming operations, to multifunctional community centers that serve as organizing hubs for many different services and functions.