Co-operate WNC and WNC Purchasing Alliance Membership Background 


Co-operate WNC is a regional mutual aid initiative and 501c3 organization spanning 22 counties of western North Carolina. It utilizes cooperative economics and grassroots organizing strategies with the goal of creating a just and regenerative future for our region, while meeting our short-term needs through mutual aid.  


The WNC Purchasing Alliance is a cooperative bulk purchasing initiative emerging from, and closely tied to, Co-operate WNC’s regional mutual aid network. More information on Co-operate WNC and the WNC Purchasing Alliance can be found below.


Membership is the fundamental structure of the participatory network we are developing. Members commit to deeper ownership of the process of growing a mutual aid culture and refining its practices. Members receive support for the process from Co-operate WNC’s staff and from one another. They also offer up their own strengths to help others, participate in governance decisions, and innovate together as new challenges and opportunities emerge. This work is made possible by utilizing our existing networks of long-term, trusting relationships and by developing new relationships over time.


There are currently 2 membership options (more coming soon):

  1. Co-operate WNC Organizational Membership without Purchasing Alliance Membership

  2. Co-operate WNC Organizational Membership with Purchasing Alliance Membership


Co-operate WNC is nurturing a long-term vision and several active programs that you can read about, and get involved in, on this website. The Purchasing Alliance supports and builds on Co-operate WNC’s vision by working with different communities to develop aggregation and distribution hubs for bulk goods distribution. 


Co-operate WNC links together communities, organizations, households, and businesses to share knowledge and resources, and to develop long-term trusting relationships so we can do things together that we cannot do on our own. Fundamentally, we believe that we are more powerful and impactful when we cooperate and work together towards shared goals. Part of Co-operate WNC’s strategic approach includes helping to grow a network of multi-functional, grassroots-led community centers throughout WNC that support basic human needs, ecological resilience, and diverse cooperative enterprises. 


The Purchasing Alliance specializes in purchasing and distributing sustainable and regenerative products that save money for network members and related communities, while supporting value-aligned producers, including ecologically innovative, locally and/or cooperatively-owned, Black and Brown-owned, and/or women-owned businesses. The Purchasing Alliance is a North Carolina LLC with cooperative operating agreements.

We are beginning by launching “Organizational Membership”, for businesses, unincorporated community groups and other incorporated organizations, and will be launching “Household Membership” soon.  


This membership fee allows for membership in both Co-operate WNC and the Purchasing Alliance.

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