WNC Mutual Aid Summit

Aug 28th - 31st, 2019

This summit is designed as a fun and stimulating immersive experience which highlights the current state of the art in WNC co-operative economics and mutual aid work, and explores how Co-operate WNC's mutual aid network approach can amplify the collaborative potential between projects and communities.

It will also bring a celebratory culmination and public reveal of the work our team and community has been doing since September 2018 to get Co-operate WNC off the ground, and provide an exciting visionary and practical moment to look ahead at where we're going, take it to the next level, and engage a wider audience.

One fun facet is that the Summit will be embedded in the midst of the learning journey of the HUMANs (Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks) Solidarity Sprint, a road tour of mutual aid projects across the U.S., so we'll have as special guests the HUMANs team, including Stephanie Rearick from Madison, WI and others traveling with her.

Wednesday and Thursday (Aug. 28 and 29) will focus on in-depth workshopping and trainings among leaders of existing organizations, in a rural retreat location. Friday and Saturday (Aug. 30 and 31) will be located in Asheville and will invite wider public involvement in a series of keynote speakers as well as interactive sessions.

Some of our session topics will include:

* Learning Circles

* How to start a community savings pool

* Healthcare strategies

* Climate resilience through mutual aid

* Novel Web tools for Co-operative Economics

* Asset-based community development

* The Mutual Aid Patterns Language project

* Community Educational Strategies For Co-operative Economics

* The launch of the 23-county WNC Mutual Aid Fellowship program