Organic seed potatoes sourced by Living Web Farms and sold via cooperative bulk purchase by Co-operate WNC.


Available in 5, 25, and 50 lb. bags. Purchases must be picked up from Living Web Farms at 176 Kimzey Road, Mills River, NC 28759 and will be available at the following pickup times:


Wednesday, March 31st 4:30pm -7:30pm

Saturday April 3rd 8:30am -11:30am


After your order is completed, you will receive an email from Co-operate WNC to confirm which date you will pick up your potatoes. If you can't make either day, please let us know to arrange an alternative pick-up .



5 lb. - $1.65/lb. (Non-Member) | $1.45/lb. (Purchasing Member) | $1.30/lb. (Hub Member)

25 lb. - $1.50/lb. (Non-Member) | $1.35/lb. (Purchasing Member) | $1.20/lb. (Hub Member)

50 lb. - $1.35/lb. (Non-Member) | $1.20/lb. (Purchasing Member) | $1.05/lb. (Hub Member)


Several varieties are available in limited quantities. Please select your variety using the custom text field and before final check out. If your selected variety is sold out, we will let you know what varieties remain to fulfill your order.


Available Varieties:

  • Lehigh - Yellow high yield - 150 lbs. available.
  • Satina - Yellow high yield - Early-to-mid season.  Has some resistance to late blight. - 25 lbs. available.
  • Dark Red Norland - Red skin, white flesh. Early-to-mid season.  - 175 lbs. available.
  • Adirondack -  Red skin, red flesh. Early-to-mid season. High antioxidant content specialty variety. - 50 lbs. available.


Want special pricing? Join as a member to receive a discount code before purchasing for this and future cooperative bulk orders. We're building a network uniting the economic power of foward-focused farms, organizations, and organizers across Western North Carolina. Email for more information. 


Organic Seed Potatoes

Excluding Sales Tax

By ordering seed potatoes from Co-operate WNC, the purchaser agrees to the following:


  • Co-operate WNC does not offer any warranty or any guarantees of the product in any way.

Delivery Date & Pickup Dates

  • No delivery date commitment at time of order: Co-operate WNC can not commit to a delivery date for the potatoes at the time the purchaser makes their order.

  • Possible stated delivery date is not a commitment: Co-operate may offer a possible delivery period (ie ‘early May’) at the time the end-purchaser places their order.

  • This is based on the most recent source estimate, but is not a commitment and could change after the bulk order is placed.

  • Co-operate WNC will communicate firm a delivery date as we learn it: Co-operate WNC commits to seeking a firm delivery date as soon as possible from the source after the order is placed, and will confirm this date to purchasers. If this expected delivery date changes for any reason, Co-operate WNC will communicate this promptly.

  • Co-operate WNC will offer a range of pickup dates at Living Web Farms shortly after we receive shipment: Co-operate WNC commits to offering at least 2 days and time windows of at least 4 hours per day during which purchaser may pick up their potatoes. These pickup dates will be scheduled shortly after Co-operate WNC receives the order at their warehouse and confirms the shipment arrived properly. Co-operate WNC will communicate through email with purchasers to publicize these pick up dates and times to give as much advance notice as possible.

Timely Pickup and Consequences of non-pickup

  • It is the purchaser’s responsibility to pick up their potatoes: Co-operate WNC cannot deliver potatoes to end-purchasers, and cannot hold purchasers’ potatoes indefinitely. If a purchaser cannot make any pickup date nor send a representative, purchaser should notify Co-operate WNC as soon as possible to arrange another way to get the potatoes to purchaser.

  • Fee for late pickup: Co-operate WNC may charge an extra fee if purchaser does not pickup their potatoes by the end of the final pickup period.

  • Disposal of unclaimed potatoes: If purchaser does not claim their potatoes, Co-operate WNC will attempt to contact purchaser and arrange a pickup, possibly for an extra fee at Co-operate WNC’s sole discretion. If the purchaser does not receive their potatoes within 10 days of Co-operate WNC’s final pickup date, Co-operate WNC may at its sole discretion claim ownership of the potatoes and dispose of them as it sees fit. Purchaser will not receive any refund in this case. Help us get you your potatoes!


Possibility of refund and non-purchase by Co-operate WNC

In order to place the bulk order at the price quoted to purchasers, Co-operate WNC must receive sufficient orders to receive the expected bulk-discounted price and shipping terms. If Co-operate WNC does not receive sufficient orders, or for any reason chooses not to complete the bulk order on behalf of purchasers, then Co-operate WNC will notify all purchasers by email and refund 100% of the payment.