Current Openings

Co-operate WNC Net Weaver Position: Communications Coordination and Membership Liaison 

Please submit inquiries including questions here or email in the case of technical difficulties.


We will be receiving inquiries on a rolling basis and conducting interviews until the position is filled.

In a nutshell: 

Co-operate WNC is hiring a 35 hr/week Net Weaver to:

a) coordinate systems of communication and storytelling within our emerging 22-county mutual aid network,

b) relationally link Members up to staff and to each other for support, and

c) provide selected technical support to communities seeking to deepen cooperative activities and enterprises to meet their needs. 

We’re seeking a joyful, organized, skilled, self-aware, and highly collaborative people-person who will develop long-term relationships and help nurture projects with diverse types of communities and organizations throughout our network. 

This is a multi-faceted position that we imagine will ultimately differentiate into a team as our network and volume of work grows. We don’t expect that many individuals will have all of the required skill-sets to begin with. If you’re the right person, we’ll work with you, learn together and develop the skills you don’t have.


Primary responsibilities: 

Coordinate communications for Co-operate WNC and the WNC Purchasing Alliance.


  • Generating weekly newsletters and social media posts 

  • Serving as a public face of Co-operate WNC and the WNC Purchasing Alliance to media outlets-: give interviews, quotes for articles, email responses to media inquiries. Reach out to generate awareness of what we’re doing. 

  • Moderating online platforms including Facebook and Loomio

  • Gathering and editing content from staff and network Members to update CWNC and WNC Purchasing Alliance website content with events, project status updates, etc. 

  • Planning, soliciting and curating blog posts and special topic articles

  • Organizing and hosting occasional membership meetings 

  • Creating short videos for event and program online promotion

  • Possibly continuing our Mutual Aid Podcast series 

  • Creatively linking up network members and communities for regional-scale collaboration 

  • Receiving and consolidating honest feedback from network Members regarding Co-operate WNC’s activities and culture

Act as a liaison for our Membership programs.

  • Participating in events for onboarding and orienting of new members

  • Acting as community liaison with WNC Purchasing Alliance members and Purchasing Alliance Manager for meetings, internal decision-making and real-time communication during purchase distribution efforts 

Connect Co-operate WNC members and communities with sources of ongoing technical support for development of cooperative enterprises, such as:

  • “Pod” coaching for groups of 15-25 people to successfully develop different layers of cooperative activities 

  • Savings pool coaching to help groups start community savings pools

  • Worker coop business development for select mission-aligned enterprises 


People who have lived in WNC for 5-10 years and have an extensive network and history of community involvement here are especially encouraged to apply. Black, Brown, indigenous, and people of diverse gender and sexual orientation, and/or people with committed racial/gender equity and inclusion work experience, are encouraged to apply.

Applicants need to: 
  • Have a “relationship first” approach, which prioritizes human well-being and cooperative culture as the topsoil supporting outcomes and productivity 

  • Possess commitment to listening deeply, and making sure people are being heard 

  • Need to be passionate about what we’re doing, our mission, and capable of learning about its scope 

  • Have a well-developed written voice and a knack for succinct, engaging narrative writing 

  • Have realistic scheduling availability to work an average of 35 hrs/week, with some weeks 40 hours 

  • Have a reliable car, phone and high speed internet access, and willingness and ability to promptly and thoroughly respond to communications throughout the week, with occasional limited weekend check-ins for urgent matters 

  • Plan to live in WNC for at least 3-5 years 

  • Be passionate about conflict and diversity as opportunities, and ready to prioritize conflict resolution/transformation as needed 

  • Proficiency or fluency in written and spoken Spanish, and fluency in English 


We will be particularly thrilled if you have some of the following:

  • A history of connection and collaboration with Eastern Band Cherokee communities, and/or proficiency or fluency in Cherokee language

  • Have applied racial and economic equity work experience 

  • Have significant real life experience and a knowledge base in Permaculture, agroecology, Holistic Resource Management and renewable energy systems

  • Have a track record of successful grassroots organizing, ideally with cooperative enterprises and/or mutual aid work 

  • Have familiarity with integrative social and ecological change movements

Preferred technical skills:
  • Proficiency in managing and growing social media presence, and creating and managing newsletters 

  • Experience working with local media for press releases, topic articles and event postings 

  • Basic to intermediate spreadsheet and database management, and basic book-keeping competency

You receive:
  • A potentially life-changing experience of deeply meaningful work with an amazing team growing regional mutual aid culture and practices 

  • $20/hr entry-level compensation, with increase and benefits possible over time 

  • Mileage compensation for vehicle use at the NC state-designated rate 

  • We do not currently provide benefits at this time for any Co-operate WNC or WNC Purchasing Alliance employees, but aim to provide benefits soon


Who We Are 

Co-operate WNC is an emerging mutual aid network spanning 22 counties of western NC. We are using cooperative economics, grassroots organizing approaches and ecological design to grow mutual aid culture which transforms power structures, meets human needs and heals the earth. 

The WNC Purchasing Alliance is a cooperative bulk purchasing initiative emerging from Co-operate WNC’s regional mutual aid network. Co-operate WNC links together communities, organizations, households, and businesses to share knowledge and resources, and to develop long-term trusting relationships so we can do things together that we cannot do on our own. Fundamentally, we believe that we are more powerful and impactful when we cooperate and work together towards shared goals. Part of Co-operate WNC’s strategic approach includes helping to grow a network of multi-functional, grassroots-led community centers throughout WNC that support basic human needs, ecological resilience, and diverse cooperative enterprises. 

The Purchasing Alliance specializes in purchasing and distributing sustainable and regenerative products that save money for network members and related communities, while supporting value-aligned producers, including ecologically innovative, locally and/or cooperatively-owned, Black and Brown-owned, and/or women-owned businesses. The Purchasing Alliance is a North Carolina LLC with cooperative operating agreements. Learn more about our programs and mission and how you can get involved on our homepage.

Thank you so much and we look forward to hearing from you!

Co-operate WNC is growing!

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