Community Savings Pool Project

Why start or join one?

Imagine getting together regularly with a group of people you trust and care about, sharing a meal, possibly doing a work project, and managing your pooled savings to benefit yourself or family and your community.


In addition to the social connection and support, community savings pools create resilience and economic agency as they do not rely on access to conventional financing avenues with conversative lending behaviors that often exclude historically marginalized and low-wealth people and communities.


Community savings pools have the potential to create real change in the lives, neighborhoods, businesses and communities they serve through investment in and control of businesses, housing, land and farms, energy infrastructure and grassroots healthcare enterprises.

How we can help you get started:

Co-Operate WNC has resources, management tools and training support to help you and your group start and maintain a community savings pool that supports your group in meeting your self-identified needs and goals.


We are currently in the process of creating a Community Savings Pool Start Up Package for interested people, families, and communities. In addition to boilerplate agreements, guidelines we offer trainings and continued support for groups who are ready to start a CSP. We also are facilitating the networking of established CSPs in the WNC area to leverage everyone’s learning and develop a shared community of practice.

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